Are you looking to start working out but just don’t know where to begin? Perhaps you are a mother who wants to shed the extra pounds of pregnancy. Perhaps you are a teenage boy who has packed on a few too many pounds eating potato chips and playing video games, but now you’ve met the girl of your dreams.

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Let me help. Two years ago I was 40 pounds overweight. Today I have dropped the weight and have completely turned my life around. How? Let me tell you.

There are two ways you can start: at home or at the gym. Many people are intimidated with the gym because they feel self conscious. So let’s build confidence at home first. Working out can be as simple as walking around the block for your cardio exercise. Once you get in the habit of this you can start going on hikes in the forest.

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You should also be weight training. You can start with body weight exercises at first such as pushups and pull-ups. But, you will eventually want to get a weight bench and some dumbbells. Look for these things at garage sales. When weight training the exercises you should focus on are “compound” exercises such as the bench press, squats or deadlifts. These exercises work more than one muscle group unlike curls which only work the biceps.

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